Connect with us to draft the perfect itinerary for your trip to Kerala.

We eliminate the unappetizing elements (lines, logistic headaches, tourist traps), sprinkle in special touches to make your trip memorable.

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Connect with us to setup a no obligatory consultation call. This is your chance to share with us what you are looking for from the trip. This gives us the chance to ask questions and understand the type of trip you are looking for. We do not want to give you a standard package which you may not like at all. Dicussing in details gives us the chance to offer the best options for you.


We want to understand the duration of the trip, the type of trip, the places you are interested to visit, whether you are a beach person or a mountain person, whether you want to love art and many more. Based on tall these factors we will draft an initial itinerary for you. We will discuss in detail about the itinerary with you and make adjustments as needed.


We will send you a custom itinerary taking into account all the needs and wants that you have shared. We also taking into account the practicality of the trip. We will be up-front and honest about what makes the best sense for your trip. You can customize each element of the itinerary and we will make the final adjusments.

Enjoy The Trip

Now it is time for you to relax and enjoy the dream trip to Kerala. Based on your selection, you may have everything taken care of; pick up from the airport, transportation to the hotel, transportation throughout the trip, stays at each location and our driver will help with taking those beautiful photos!!

Draft your custom itinerary with us.

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